Embrace the challenges we meet today so That when we meet similar situations later we are more prepared to handle them. 

A couple weeks ago I ran my long run in heavy winds, and another run in the rain. Up to this point I have hated and avoided running in the wind; in fact, I'm a pretty fair weather runner over all, but I do realize with this distance and the amount of training it will take, I am likely to meet much more inclement weather. I will not be able to control the weather conditions on race day. From what I've read, it will be hard enough dealing with the physical and emotional toll, so I am embracing the inclement weather today to make me stronger later and on race day. Overcome adversity now, in training, so when I come face to face with it in the important moments, I will be ready. 

I am raising money for two charities: The Front Row Foundation and Our Pioneers. I am lucky enough to know the people who operate these charities and value each of their causes and missions deeply. So if you feel so inclined to support their causes and me through providing more inspiration with every dollar donated it would be greatly appreciated. Find my fundraising page here: https://www.gofundme.com/1st-50kfrontrowfactorourpioneers