I have thought a lot about the goals of this site and why I have created it. I have recently been struggling with the point of this thing we call life. I struggle with the "why we are here" question often. I am often amazed and taken aback of how we got where we are today. When I sit at red lights, I watch the people going by me and it is very rare that any of them are smiling or looking like they are genuinely enjoying their current experience.

We are driven by money; something that was created by humans and drives humans in everyday in life, and we give up so much to have it. We are actually taught that it is impractical to do the things we really enjoy and are passionate for the sake of money. So I ask, "What's the point? What is the point of my life in the grand scheme of this world, universe, and beyond?"

I recognize that each day in this life can be agonizing, so if I can help one soul live a little better in that one agonizing day, then it is worth it.

It is worth it to put myself out there, if it can help one person who is struggling.