Taking Time to Feel Gratitude



There is a lot of talk about gratitude this time of year, and many of us express thanks for things and people. But, I’d like you to consider if you are taking the time to lean in to the feelings of gratitude, especially during a time of year that is filled with so much activity and often stress.

With the added activity and stress of the holiday season, it is even more important to practice self-love, and a great way to practice self-love is through practicing gratitude. This can be a quick practice you can do weekly, daily, or even every couple of hours.

Leaning into Feeling Gratitude

Take 30 seconds to a minute (or longer) and think about or say something you are grateful for. Then pause and really look inward to feel that gratitude. Find where in your body your feelings of gratitude stem from. I often feel gratitude near my heart and high stomach area near the solar plexus.

Take a few deep breaths while keeping your focus on the gratitude and your feelings of gratitude. Notice where you feel it in your body and, once you find it, really lean in to feel those feelings. Continue to take long, deep breaths. Think a little more about what makes you grateful for that thing or person. You can think about sending these appreciative feelings and energy or prayers to the person or thing you are grateful for. Continue to lean into the feelings and continue your breathing. You can practice this as long as you like and for as many things as you like.

As we continue into the peak of this holiday season, I encourage you to continue practicing gratitude and self-care from a place of self-love. Remember that the spirit of the season is to spread giving and love not necessarily just consumerism and stress. Also remember that expressing gratitude to others is an amazing gift, and as always, remember to keep breathing intentionally and deeply.

Happy Holidays, my friend!